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SmartSave knows that to thrive in today's marketplace, your business needs every edge it can get. That's why we've become experts in helping businesses qualify for the Utility Sales Tax Exemption, helping businesses across the country save as effortlessly as possible.

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Our aim is to help smart businesses (like yours) save money, time, and peace of mind by sourcing and securing valuable savings. We are committed to your success, and are here to help your business live up to its full potential.

By helping your company live up to its full potential, we live up to ours.

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The Advanced Manufacturing Institute of Kansas State University

The Advanced Manufacturing Institute (AMI) of Kansas State University has partnered with SmartSave to provide expert engineering analysis to fine-tune the accuracy of all energy studies performed.

The Kansas Restaurant and Hospitality Association

SmartSave is an allied member of the Kansas Restaurant and Hospitality Association. This partnership is to help ensure all KRHA members are optimizing their tax savings through the Utility Sales Tax Exemption.

Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce

The purpose of the Greater Topeka Chamber is to advance the general welfare, quality of life and prosperity of the Greater Topeka area to benefit the citizens and the community. SmartSave is proud to be a part of this effort.

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