Can I file for the exemption myself?

All states (excluding Texas) will allow a business to file for the exemption without obtaining help from a professional. However, the process to take advantage of the exemption can be confusing and time consuming. If you choose to file for the exemption yourself you will need to be sure to conduct an accurate energy study on your location (detailing the amount of electricity, gas, and water consumed in your production process) and explain to the state why certain items are exempt from sales tax. Along with the detailed energy study, an exemption certificate must be filed with each utility company. Working with SmartSave ensures you piece of mind that your business will obtain an honest exemption percentage and your report will be filed in complete compliance with your specific state law.

How long does it take to receive an exemption and refund?

The time frame for receiving an exemption can vary from state to state. SmartSave will file the report with the state and your utility provider no later than 14 days after conducting a detailed energy study on your location. Once the report is in the hands of the state it can take anywhere from 2-4 months. SmartSave tracks the refund through the entire process so that you will know exactly when it is approved.

How much can I plan to save and how large will my refund be?

    • Savings can vary depending on a variety of factors including the state you’re located in, your local tax rate, the type of business, and the amount of energy you use. You can find out your savings and refund amount instantly by plugging your information into our savings calculator.
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